Thank You from Pat

I am very grateful to the following people, who have supported me while writing this book:

My thanks to Almighty God for inspiring me to write my interpretation of “Faith, Love & Hope”. I also thank god for His Creation of the Universe, and providing for Humanity and all creatures to live on Earth!

Dear God, I beg you to help me to find a way to reach your children with the message of your Good News, especially those who do not know that You love them, and will welcome them all into Your Heart!

I also thank You for being my Spiritual Father, and protecting me and my family from all evil temptations!

Thanks to Gloria O'Loghlin for typing the book and correcting my grammar!

Thanks to Gino Gammaldi for writing the Foreword, and saying lots of good things about me. I feel I am not doing enough for God. However, I will keep praying that God will show me the way to preach His Compassion and Forgiveness!

I thank God for the privilege of having a life of Faith, Love and Hope, and being with me helping me pass on His Message as I was writing!

Please encourage as many people as possible to read the book. I hope and pray that I did not hurt anyone's feelings with my interpretation of “Faith, Love and Hope”. If I did, please forgive me!

This book is non-denominational, non-commercial, and is never to be used for selling or fund-raising, or any kind of commercial gain!

I feel confident that God helped me to cover all the main issues, such as how to build bridges and not walls, how to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and make a better and peaceful world for present and future generations!

In conclusion, let us pray that God will stay in the hearts of all children born in the future, and that they will obey God's Doctrines for their lifetime. If this can happen, Satan will be alone and powerless, and the world will be a peaceful place for eternity!

I wish you and your family a peaceful life with God's Blessings!!

Senior Australian of the Year 2009
Papal Knighthood of Saint Gregory
Recipient of all “Lions” International Awards

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