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Thank God for being alive and individual. As from today, I will forever be honest and forgiving, and treat others as I would have others treat me. I will appreciate God's creation - all the good things I see, hear and smell, and the air I breathe.


Observe and obey God and the Laws of the Land. I will be generous in all my doings. Within my capabilities, I will work towards building bridges between the rich and the poor, regardless of status, religion, colour or nationality, so we can all enjoy the world together.


Dedicate my life and loyalty to my family, friends and associates, and show kindness to all humanity. I will share my time, talent, knowledge and resources with the disabled and disadvantaged, the sick and those with special needs.


An Ambassador, appealing to world leaders and lawmakers to be compassionate, co-operative and charitable by action and example, and resist all evil temptations for the good of humanity.


Yes, for the rest of my life, I will love and serve the world. My eyes and ears will be open, as I look and listen for solutions to help establish world peace for present and future generations. I will value and view my life on earth as a gift - a journey on the way to eternal life!