A Note from Gino

I feel a kind of guarded privilege, having been given the task of writing a Foreword for this book. Pasquale (Pat) LaManna is the kind of man who is motivated by many things in life. It is because his interests and successes have touched so many people, that I believe this latest book gives the reader an even closer insight into what it is that gives this man an unrestricted attitude, which is often needed to make a point that might not always be shared by many people.

Faith, Love and Hope are known in Catholic tradition as the “theological virtues”. In symbolising Faith, Love and Hope, Pat has relied on his own experiences as a young man growing up in an Italian peasant village, where the family struggled to make a meagre living. It was his father's passionate desire for a better life for his family, and the devastation of their village during the Second World War which, eventually, saw Australia become their new home.

Loyalty to others and family honour, coupled with strong religious beliefs, became Pat's cornerstones for success, both in business and in his private life. He has maintained a genuine faith in all he has done, always knowing in his heart that God's inspiration has been the key element which has constantly guided him in life. Equality for everyone, regardless of faith, free expression, sanctity of marriage and justice for all, is an issue which is clearly highlighted in this book, together with a condemnation of Satan, and the forces that impact on the genuine faith, which Pat declares is the catalyst for true happiness, and even the panacea to overcome depression and jealousy.

Pat offers a number of examples of his support for so many worthy charities, either through his own personal endeavours, or in conjunction with like-minded organisations, such as the Melbourne Markets Lions Club. Undeterred at times by negative attitudes, Pat would continue tirelessly with his efforts to raise funds, if he believed strongly in the works of a charity or the needs of a disadvantaged person. A man of prayer and genuine faith, Pat has always firmly believed that his success in business has been God's Will, as has been his generosity in giving some of the benefits of this success back to the Community.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired by a man who uses very easy-to-read language to convey his own message of Faith, Love and Hope - key elements which can be applied to all that we do in our everyday lives.

BA, DipMktng, GradDipIER, DipFC, DipMC,

Commonwealth Authorised Celebrant A6920
Justice of the Peace Reg No.10634
Parish Co-ordinator
Chairman/Manager Annual Melbourne Passion Play

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